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Projects as Principal Investigator

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Principal Investigator Title Organization Status ID
Alewell, Christine Exchange of measurement approaches for soil erosion and carbon export at Korean and Swiss mountain ecosystems  Faculty of Science,
Departement Umweltwissenschaften,
Institut für Umweltgeowissenschaften,
Umweltgeowissenschaften (Alewell)
Completed 102614
Alewell, Christine Gaseous mercury evasion from subarctic mires  Umweltgeowissenschaften (Alewell) Completed 98544
Conen, Franz; Alewell, Christine Biologische Partikel in der Atmosphäre  Faculty of Science,
Umweltgeowissenschaften (Alewell)
Completed 85231
Alewell, Christine Soil degradation and nutrient export in the upper alpine level of the Reuss watershed  Umweltgeowissenschaften (Alewell) Completed 5598
Alewell, Christine Mercury fluxes and reductive processes in the Alps  Umweltgeowissenschaften (Alewell) Completed 5584
Alewell, Christine COST-Quantification of Soil Erosion  Umweltgeowissenschaften (Alewell) Completed 5551
Alewell, Christine Erosion in den Alpen (Ursachen und Kartierung)  Umweltgeowissenschaften (Alewell) Completed 5468
Showing records 21 - 27 (of 27)

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