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Projects in research unit

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Principal Investigator Title Organization Status ID
Hersberger, Kurt, Arnet, Isabelle Sexual Health and Pharmaceutical Care  Pharmaceutical Care (Hersberger) Completed 1484013
Hersberger, Kurt Projekt Polymedication Check (NCT01739816)  Pharmaceutical Care (Hersberger) Completed 1417878
Hersberger, Kurt Electronic multidrug blister pack to improve clinical and humanistic outcomes after hospital discharge  Pharmaceutical Care (Hersberger) Completed 1018106
Hersberger, Kurt BABS, Basler Apotheken Beobachtungsstudie  Pharmaceutical Care (Hersberger) Completed 107277
Hersberger, Kurt Emergency contraception: User’s profile and impact on attitudes and contraceptive behaviour  Pharmaceutical Care (Hersberger) Completed 107245
Hersberger, Kurt E.; Arnet, Isabelle Compliance - Screening and reducing unintentional non adherence  Pharmaceutical Care (Hersberger) Completed 107226
Hersberger, Kurt, Arnet, Isabelle Biomarkers and Pharmaceutical Care  Departement Pharmazeutische Wissenschaften / Pharmaceutical Care (Hersberger) Completed 107197
Eichenberger, Patrick Pharmaceutical care practice – drug related problems and opportunities for new services  Pharmaceutical Care (Hersberger) Completed 107118
Showing records 21 - 28 (of 28)

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