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Principal Investigator Title Organization Status ID
Elger, Bernice Simone Evaluating parent perceptions, economic burden and the impact ofOnline Coaching Interventions for Parents of Children Diagnosed with the 22ql 1 Deletion Syndrome [eCARE-22ql 1]  Ethik / Bio- und Medizinethik (Elger) Active 4644469
Gaab, Jens 3R-sTrategies and Harm-benefIt analysis  Departement Psychologie / Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie (Gaab),
Departement Psychologie / Abteilung Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
Active 4645104
Persson, Kirsten EXPLOR3R: Exploring 3R with experimental ethics  Faculty of Science,
Ethik / Bio- und Medizinethik (Elger)
Active 4645111
Elger, Bernice Simone Implementing 3Rs in Switzerland: an interdisciplinary in-depth exploration of barriers and facilitators [Implement-3R]  Departement Biozentrum / Cell Biology (Affolter),
Ethik / Bio- und Medizinethik (Elger)
Active 4645113
Elger, Bernice Simone Role of plain language materials in democratizing access to medical research data for patients⁄caregivers and lay public  Ethik / Bio- und Medizinethik (Elger) Active 4650789
Elger, Bernice Simone Agequake in prisons: Improving the knowledge and awareness on aging in prisons  Ethik / Bio- und Medizinethik (Elger) Active 4656462
Elger, Bernice Simone The use of knowledge and data in an AI enabled world. Considerations for the future health sector regarding ethics, digital divide implications and prosperity  Ethik / Bio- und Medizinethik (Elger) Active 4656505
Elger, Bernice Simone INtegrating loneliness mitigation measures in pandemic management plans: an interdisCiplinary in-depth expLoration of psychologically and ethically sUitable interventions to DecreasE social isolation [INCLUDE]  Ethik / Bio- und Medizinethik (Elger) Active 4656692
Elger, Bernice Simone Ethical Challenges in Oral Health  Ethik / Bio- und Medizinethik (Elger) Active 4665685
Elger, Bernice Simone; Eichinger, Johanna Ethical considerations in pediatric genom-wide sequencing (add.)  Ethik / Bio- und Medizinethik (Elger) Completed 4683507
Showing records 61 - 70 (of 70)

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