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Type Date Title Description ID
Awards, honours and prizes 2012-11-21 Swiss Association For Energy Economics, Student Award (second price)  1537112
Invited presentations at conferences 2012-11-07 Wie entwickelt sich die Ressourcenverwendung in der Schweiz: Trends und Wertewandel  Nachhaltige Ressourcenverwendung und umweltgerechte Lebensstile 1530602
Invited presentations at conferences 2012-06-22 Responsibility and learning on a slippery slope  Responsibility for Sustainability 1530601
Memberships 2012-01-01 Krysiak, Frank Christian  RSRP Panel, SNF (Romanian-Swiss Research Program) 1530620
Memberships 2011-01-01 Krysiak, Frank Christian  CORE: Eidgenössische Energieforschungskommission 960438
Memberships 2011-01-01 Krysiak, Frank Christian  SCOPES Panel, SNF (Scientific Cooperation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland) 990085
Invited presentations at conferences 2010-10-18 The Value of Biodiversity and the Economics of Biodiversity Conservation  WAZA 404896
Memberships 2009-04-25 Krysiak, Frank Christian  Ausschuss für Umwelt- und Ressourcenökonomie, Verein für Socialpolitik 1530690
Invited presentations at conferences 2009-03-09 Diskontierung, Unsicherheit und Dynamik  Institutionen ökologischer Nachhaltigkeit 66690
Showing records 21 - 29 (of 29)

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