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Invited presentations at conferences 2014-09-10 How professionals manage social interaction in challenging encounters (convenor of the panel)  ALAPP Conference 2790180
Invited presentations at conferences 2012-08-22 "Interacting Bodies: Multimodal resources for the organization of social interaction“. Plenary talk  6th ICOM Conference on Multimodality 1519625
Invited presentations at conferences 2012-07-24 "Deixis, talk and the body: the interactional organization of complex multimodal Gestalts". Plenary talk   5th ISGS Conference 1519843
Invited presentations at conferences 2013-07-22 Social interaction among baboons: issues of coordination and mutual alignment in non-human primates. With A. Mergueditchian, F. Oloff  19e Congrès International des Linguistes 2790201
Invited presentations at conferences 2013-07-23 "Was sprichst für 'ne Sproch?" Recognition and categorization of languages in multilingual interactions. With F. Oloff.  19e Congrès International des Linguistes 2790209
Invited presentations at conferences 2013-07-24 Bricolages plurilingues et multimodaux pour la résolution de problèmes linguistiques dans des interactions professionnelles. With S. Merlino and F. Oloff.  19e Congrès International des Linguistes 2790213
Invited presentations at conferences 2014-03-26 Orchestrating multiple embodied orientations to recipients in institutional interactions and within larger groups, keynote talk  18. Arbeitstagung zur Gesprächsforschung 2790116
Awards, honours and prizes 2001-01-01 Latsis National Prize 2001  1519613
Mobility: Visiting scientist at ... 2012-08-20 invited professor  1519607
Awards, honours and prizes 2013-10-04 University of Southern Danemark, Odense  4606164
Mobility: Visiting scientist at ... 2014-03-10 Collaboration and workshops on social interaction  2790888
Awards, honours and prizes 2017-01-01 Member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters  4639339
Awards, honours and prizes 2018-05-01 University of Linköping / Sweden  4488861
Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2019-02-04 Fakultätsretraite zur Funktion von Bildern in den Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften  4528311
Showing records 81 - 94 (of 94)

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