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Awards, honours and prizes 2017-01-01 Member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters  4639339
Awards, honours and prizes 2018-05-01 University of Linköping / Sweden  4488861
Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2019-02-04 Fakultätsretraite zur Funktion von Bildern in den Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften  4528311
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-01-14 Onging adjustments between current and next: early projections and anticipations in talk and embodied interaction  The Role of the Current Speaker in Conversational Turn Taking – Theoretical, Experimental, and Corpus Linguistic Perspectives on Speaker Contributions to Aligned Turn-Timing 4639329
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-02-23 Materiality, sensoriality and embodiment in face-to-face commercial encounters  Conference Digitalizing Social Practices: Changes and Consequence 4639328
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-04-26 Working with video in EMCA  Doctoral School Video-based research:visualizing multimodality in human interaction 4639330
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-04-28 The irremediable indexicality of situated action: an EMCA perspective   workshop Deixis and Indexicality: Audiovisual Data Practices around Karl and Charlotte Bühler and in early Conversation Analysis 4639303
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-05-17 Referencia, Corporeidade, Materialidade e Açao Situada: Uma Abordagem Multimodal Interacional   IV Workshop em linguistica textual. Texto e interaçoes digitais 4639291
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-06-24 Objects, the sensing body, and language: Tasting and expressing taste  Conference Pragmatics of Translation (Symposium ImPoliteness & i-mean) 4639261
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-06-27 The visible arrangements of embodied actions: Mobile trajectories in public space  Encounters between Strangers in Public Space 4639334
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-06-27 Material, interactional and normative environment for tasting: first vs. second assessments of wine in gastronomic restaurants  Food-in-the-making, Materiality and Sensoriality in Social Interaction 4639337
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-06-27 Human sociality in the age of Covid-19  How pandemics affect embodied interaction: covid19 and new forms of sociality 4639335
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-06-27 Debating about the senses: the interactional negotiation of descriptors for expressing sensorial qualities in tasting sessions   Meaning in Interaction 4639333
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-08-15 The intersubjectivity of taste: talk, the senses and the body  Symposium: S151: ReN: Whose taste matters? Authority, meaning, and culture in the linguistics of food 4639338
Showing records 81 - 94 (of 94)

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