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Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2018-03-06 "Innovationen am Finanzmarkt und gute Sitten im Spiegel des Rechtsvergleichs" (Financial Market Innovations and Public Policy from a Comparative Law Perspective)  4424121
Mobility: Visiting scientist at ... 2019-11-04 Scholar-in-Residence  4515747
Memberships 2007-01-01 Schroeter, Ulrich Gerd  Study Group on a European Civil Code 3730006
Memberships 2009-01-01 Schroeter, Ulrich Gerd  Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit (DIS) 3730001
Memberships 2009-01-01 Schroeter, Ulrich Gerd  Gesellschaft für Rechtsvergleichung 3730004
Memberships 2010-01-01 Schroeter, Ulrich Gerd  Bankrechtliche Vereinigung - Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Bankrecht 3729998
Memberships 2011-01-01 Schroeter, Ulrich Gerd  Zivilrechtslehrervereinigung 3730007
Memberships 2013-01-01 Schroeter, Ulrich Gerd  Asian Institute of International Financial Law, University of Hong Kong, China 3730375
Memberships 2013-01-01 Schroeter, Ulrich Gerd  CISG Advisory Council (CISG-AC) 3729999
Memberships 2013-01-01 Schroeter, Ulrich G.  European Law Institute 3730003
Memberships 2014-01-01 Schroeter, Ulrich Gerd  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationales Recht 3730000
Memberships 2017-02-01 Schroeter, Ulrich G.  Ernst von Caemmerer-Stiftung 3912616
Memberships 2017-02-01 Schroeter, Ulrich G.  Freiwillige Akademische Gesellschaft, Basel 3827598
Memberships 2017-02-01 Schroeter, Ulrich G.  UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission for International Trade Law) 3844725
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-02-05 "Remedies for Breach of Contract: Damages"  CISG-Arbitration Konferenz Universidad Panamericana 3729991
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-02-29 "Shifting the Burden of Proof – An Efficient Alternative to Document Production?"  Mannheim International Arbitration Conference 2016: "Effective Fact-Finding vs. Information Overload: Too Much Paper in Arbitration?" Universität Mannheim 3729990
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-03-05 "Burden of Proof under the CISG"  Konferenz Generations in Arbitration X: "Confrontation and Cooperation in International Arbitration: Finding a Common Path in Cross-Border Disputes" 3729989
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-04-07 "European Financial Regulation"  National Bank of Ukraine 3729988
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-04-08 "The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement Two Days after the Dutch Referendum: Possible Ways Forward"  Panel Discussion "European Integration of Ukranian Business Law" Faculty of Law, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv 3729987
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-04-15 "Performance and Breach: A Civil Law Perspective"  Konferenz "Perspectives on Chinese Contract Law", 15./16. April 2016, City University of Hong Kong 3729986
Showing records 1 - 20 (of 60)

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