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Type Date Title Description ID
Memberships 1999-01-01 Mündermann, Annegret  International Society of Biomechanics 4508187
Memberships 2000-01-01 Mündermann, Annegret  Canadian Society of Biomechanics 4508189
Memberships 2003-01-01 Mündermann, Annegret  American Society of Biomechanics 4508190
Memberships 2004-01-01 Mündermann, Annegret  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Bimechanik 4508188
Memberships 2004-01-01 Mündermann, Annegret  Orthopaedic Research Society 4508186
Memberships 2016-01-01 Mündermann, Annegret  European Society of Biomechanics 4508192
Memberships 2016-01-01 Mündermann, Annegret  German Society of Analysis of Human Movement and its Clinical Appliaction (GAMMA) 4508191
Awards, honours and prizes 2003-11-01 Chancellor’s Graduate Medal, University of Calgary  4508197
Awards, honours and prizes 2014-07-05 Best Paper Award, German Society of Biomechanics, awarded at the World Congress of Biomechanics in Boston  4508196
Awards, honours and prizes 2017-05-31 Best Presentation Award – DJO GLOBAL, Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology in Sports, Finalist  4508195
Showing records 1 - 10 (of 10)

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