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Type Date Title Description ID
Memberships 2004-01-01 Sutter, Raoul Christian  Federatio Medicorum Helveticorum (FMH) 4483545
Memberships 2008-01-01 Sutter, Raoul Christian  Swiss Neurological Society 4483542
Memberships 2009-01-01 Sutter, Raoul Christian  Swiss Society for Clinical Neurophysiology 4483543
Memberships 2011-01-01 Sutter, Raoul Christian  The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine 4483544
Awards, honours and prizes 2009-05-01 Déjerine-Dubois-Award  4483540
Awards, honours and prizes 2012-10-01 Presentation Award from the Neurocritical Care Society  4483538
Awards, honours and prizes 2018-05-01 Hugo Kahn-Award  4483537
Showing records 1 - 7 (of 7)

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