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Type Date Title Description ID
Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2019-09-07 EAA, Session "Living on the edge? New advances on peripheral space in prehistory"  4528263
Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2021-09-08 EAA session "Should I stay or should I go? Patterns of mobility in prehistoric sedentary and pastoralist societies"  4640095
Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2022-09-01 EAA session "Oversea and Inland – Culture Contact Dynamics in the Mediterranean during the 1st Millennium BCE"  4660668
Mobility: Visiting scientist at ... 2021-11-01 Research Fellowship  4640532
Mobility: Visiting scientist at ... 2023-02-05 Dahlem Junior Host Program  4660674
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-05-02 The Arbon Bleiche 3 Neolithic lakeshore settlement (Switzerland). Diversity in resource exploitation reflected in archaeological, archaeozoological, archaeobotanical and stable isotope data  Actual trends of Bronze Age Archaeology in the north Caucasus 3571731
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-10-21 BIOARCCAUCASUS - Mobility, migration and population shifts in the North Caucasian Bronze Age  10. Mitteldeutschen Archäologentag 4176014
Invited presentations at conferences 2017-08-31 Reconstructing Bronze Age pastoralist life in the North Caucasian Piedmont Zone using Multi-Isotope Analysis  23rd Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists 4176000
Invited presentations at conferences 2018-11-28 Isotope research on steppe cultures in the 4th and 3rd Millennium BC in the Caucasus and beyond  The Caucasus: Bridge Between the Urban Centres in Mesopotamia and the Pontic Steppes in the 4th and 3rd Millennium BCE 4497005
Invited presentations at conferences 2019-05-10 Isotopenanalysen in der Archäologie: Informationspotential und Beispiele aus Westfalen  Jahreshauptversammlung der Altertumskommission für Westfalen 4526543
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-09-08 Isotopic investigations of hunting activities in Neolithic Switzerland   EAA Annual Meeting 2021 4640573
Invited presentations at conferences 2022-09-01 Socio-cultural exchange in the Sibaritide, Calabria (Italy)  EAA Annual Meeting 2022 4660672
Showing records 1 - 12 (of 12)

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