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Type Date Title Description ID
Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2014-05-21 SWELL Conference 2014  2988261
Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2020-11-23 Digital Practices. Reading, Writing and Evaluation on the Web  4613718
Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2022-02-25 SWELL Conference 2022  4643714
Mobility: Visiting scientist at ... 2022-06-15 Persuasion on the subreddit r/ChangeMyView  4653037
Memberships 2021-11-30 Messerli, Thomas  CopRe – Communicative practices on Reddit 4643715
Invited presentations at conferences 2022-03-29 On memes. From a linguistic and scholarly perspective.  On memes. Art-science talk on memes. Panel discussion at Istituto Svizzero. 4643713
Invited presentations at conferences 2022-07-14 "what does hyung mean please?”: Moments of teaching and learning about Korean (im)politeness on an online†streaming† platform of Korean TV drama   Sociolinguistics Symposium 4653018
Invited presentations at conferences 2022-10-19 Seriously Funny: The Margins of Humour in Netflix Stand-Up Comedy Specials.   II International Conference on Discourses of Fictional (Digital) TV Series 4653036
Showing records 1 - 8 (of 8)

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