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Memberships 2015-11-01 Mc Lennan, Stuart Roger  Deutsches Netzwerk Evidenzbasierte Medizin e.V. 3993402
Invited presentations at conferences 2011-09-12 Healthcare workers and influenza vaccination: what is the impact of their personal behaviour on the general public  Fourth ESWI Influenza Conference 1023290
Invited presentations at conferences 2015-04-23 The 2nd Victims of Medical Errors: Implications for Healthcare Organisations.   The Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance Annual Conference 4514121
Invited presentations at conferences 2015-11-16 From prosecution to rehabilitation: New Zealand´s experience with non-punitive action.   Reporting on patient safety incidents: legal and ethical issues to be addressed in developing a culture of safety for the benefit of patients and society 4514122
Invited presentations at conferences 2017-06-05 Barriers to error communication  Euroanaesthesia 2017: The European Anaesthesiology Congress. 3993372
Invited presentations at conferences 2018-10-19 Healthcare environments as places of trust - a matter of money and quality control?  Fachkonferenz Modelle für das Spital der Zukunft 4488829
Invited presentations at conferences 2019-05-17 The Ethical Oversight of Clinical AI.   Clinical AI Conference & Datathon 4514118
Invited presentations at conferences 2019-09-20 Ethical aspects of Artifical Intelligence in medicine  Forum 25 - 25th Anniversary of the International Council for Commonality in Blood Banking Automation (ICCBBA) 4514120
Awards, honours and prizes 2013-03-22 Top Paper Award. "Disclosure of Medical Errors" by International Conference Communicating Medical Error  2288794
Awards, honours and prizes 2016-11-25 Best medical dissertation  3719842
Showing records 1 - 10 (of 10)

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