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Type Date Title Description ID
Memberships 2018-02-01 Lang, Christin  Sportwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft der Schweiz (SGS) 4650558
Memberships 2019-01-30 Lang, Christin  UNESCO Chair on Physical Activity and Health in Educational Settings, DSBG, University of Basel 4650560
Memberships 2021-05-30 Lang, Christin  Board member, DSBG department assembly (DV) 4650561
Invited presentations at conferences 2017-06-04 Invited Talk: Exercise effects on the circadian rhythm of adolescents with extreme evening-type circadian preference. A novel Treatment to improve sleep health.   SLEEP 4650555
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-07-10 Invited Talk: Can morning exercise phase advance the circadian rhythm of adolescent night owls?  WINK Sleep Conference 2021 "The next generation" 4650553
Invited presentations at conferences 2022-11-03 Invited Talk: Sind Athlet:innen die besseren Schläfer?  Berner Schlaf-Wach-Epilepsie Tage 4650554
Awards, honours and prizes 2013-02-14 2nd place Young Investigator Award, Swiss Society of Sport Science (SGS)  4650549
Awards, honours and prizes 2013-07-07 2nd place Poster Award, International Association for Physical Education in Higher Education (AIESEP)  4650550
Awards, honours and prizes 2014-02-13 1st place Young Investigator Award, Swiss Society of Sport Science (SGS)  4650547
Awards, honours and prizes 2015-10-31 SNSF Early Postdoc.Mobility Fellowship  4642215
Awards, honours and prizes 2021-11-16 Research Fund for Excellent Junior Researchers, University of Basel  4650557
Awards, honours and prizes 2021-11-18 Antelope Career Program, University of Basel  4642214
Showing records 1 - 12 (of 12)

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