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Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2023-01-23 SwissPLANT 2023  4660571
Mobility: Visiting scientist at ... 2015-01-07 Carbon reserves in Pinus condorta along a precipitation gradient  3395333
Memberships 2002-01-01 Hoch, Günter  Ecological Society of America 3395328
Memberships 2005-01-01 Hoch, Günter  Gesellschaft für Ökologie 3120844
Memberships 2011-01-01 Hoch, Günter  American Geophysical Union 3395332
Memberships 2012-03-07 Hoch, Günter  Plants 3395342
Invited presentations at conferences 2013-03-15 The limits of tree growth  Hearing for the iDiv Professorship in ‚Functional Diversity‘ 2356622
Invited presentations at conferences 2013-03-19 A functional explanation of low temperature tree species limits  Workshop of the GfÖ workgroup for Experimental Ecology 2356612
Invited presentations at conferences 2013-09-11 Finding the low temperature limits of root growth in temperate broad-leaved trees  Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GfÖ) 2356614
Invited presentations at conferences 2013-10-28 Die Klimagrenzen von Bäumen und ihre physiologischen Ursachen  Kolloquium der Fakultät für Geographie und Geowissenschaften der Universität Trier 2356617
Invited presentations at conferences 2014-03-13 Storing or growing? Carbon relations of trees under imposed severe carbon limitation  Basel-Israel Symposium: Trees at the Edge 3351881
Invited presentations at conferences 2014-08-14 Physiological explanations of current and future treeline positions require a stringent treeline definition  Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America (EAS) 3351868
Invited presentations at conferences 2015-01-17 Carbon reserve concentrations as a proxy for the carbon balance of trees  Summer Colloquium on Plant Ecophysiology 3351832
Showing records 1 - 13 (of 13)

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